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Quality and Enviromental Policy

Oryx Mix, pioneer in the Design, Manufacture and supply of ready mix concrete in the Eastern Region of U.A.E considers respect for the environment an important business responsibility and encourages all employees to take an interest in the protection of the environment.



Oryx Mix Concrete Products will therefore:

  • Ensure that the company complies with appropriate legislation and regulations
  • Identify and evaluate the environmental aspects associated with Concrete Production and other supportive process in order to control and reduce any environmental impact, including the prevention of pollution
  • Ensure the responsible use of natural resources and the minimisation of waste and energy consumption
  • Implement the training of employees to ensure that they are environmentally aware and that neither they, the community, nor the environment are exposed to harm as a result of Oryx mix operations.


Oryx Mix also aims to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction by delivering durable, high quality concrete Products and services within agreed timeframes thus generating the returns required to:

  • Reward our people for their efforts.
  • Provide the funds to support future operations and company growth.
  • Provide a stable and enjoyable work-place for the entire team.


Oryx Mix is committed to the continual improvement of its performance by the monitoring of quality and environmental issues and through involvement with customers, suppliers, staff and regulatory authorities.



To support the above statement, Oryx Mix has implemented an integrated Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.


Compliance and improvement is monitored by process measures and internal audits and is maintained by the timely implementation of preventive and corrective actions.



Meeting these standards is the responsibility of the entire Oryx Mix team.


Concrete is one of the most commonly used structural materials in construction industry. Despite its difficulties of cracking shrinkage, low tensile strength and poor durability, Its use is still increasing day by day due to low cost and flexibility.


ORYXMix has the resources to match with any product of international standard, ensuring our products comply with durability, workability and strength to meet your specific requirements.


The main Priority of ORYXMix always remains the Quality Control of the product. We at ORYXMix, take a Comprehensive and Control care in all aspects of quality control at all levels of operations. We demand quality from both our material suppliers and ourselves in order to meet the required specification of concrete mix.



ORYXMix has a large fleet of Transit Mixers, Concrete Pumps, Static Pumps, Distribution Booms, Cement Bulkers, Truck Trailers, Water Tankers, Wheel Loaders and other related equipments.

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