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Oryx Mix Concrete Product L.L.C.

P.O. Box 3430, Fujairah UAE.

E-mail info@oryxmix.com & sales@oryxmix.com

Oryx Al Hail Tel : (+971)92222071  Fax :  (+971) 92222072 
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Concrete is one of the most commonly used structural materials in construction industry. Despite its difficulties of cracking shrinkage, low tensile strength and poor durability, Its use is still increasing day by day due to low cost and flexibility.


ORYXMix has the resources to match with any product of international standard, ensuring our products comply with durability, workability and strength to meet your specific requirements.


The main Priority of ORYXMix always remains the Quality Control of the product. We at ORYXMix, take a Comprehensive and Control care in all aspects of quality control at all levels of operations. We demand quality from both our material suppliers and ourselves in order to meet the required specification of concrete mix.

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ORYXMix has a large fleet of Transit Mixers, Concrete Pumps, Static Pumps, Distribution Booms, Cement Bulkers, Truck Trailers, Water Tankers, Wheel Loaders and other related equipments.

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Oryx Mix | Oryx Transport | Oryx Trading | Oryx Crushers | Al a’ali Crushers